My Patrol Escort Build
i will appreciate some advise and fixes to my Patrol Escort Build

In addition, if someone have a keybind plan to be used for escort will be great.
ping pong
I assume this is an interim build until you get rep items and some fleet gear.

I would suggest you get the rest of the Jem Hador set, as its alright. I would upgrade everything up to XIV but do not go for epic on any of that gear. You could slot some fleet Beam arrays you certainly want Spire Locators/Exploiters. I would suggest getting a crafted Omni - I guess there is a mission plasma one that can be slotted as well. I would also get the omega cutting beam and console from rep. Console you can get from the exchange that provide a decent bonus is plsamonic leach - I think they are fairly cheap now (was nurfed but still useful).

I don't use escorts its hard to advise further than that. Plus I do not use my Engineers as mains so I have not ever fully built them up so again I am not sure of the optimum BOFF set up on my main I use Tact team (i / ii) x2, Kemocite (i), FAW x2 (i / ii/ iii) and attak pattern Beta x2 ; Engineering team (i) EmPwS (i) EmpwW (i / ii) x2 and Directed energy iii but i have a DOFF for that. Science layout is Hazard emitters and transfer power to shields. I double up spells to reduce cool downs plus have Doffs that help with that, power drain and crit chance.
how i can get the rest of the set of the jemhadar?

my character is a Tactical and not engineer, i think it was not updated. what type of ship i can use instead of a patrol escort?
Redo the missions that rewards them.

Whenever a mission gives a good set you can replay it to get all the itemsSmile You will want to do that for Future proof and Uneasy Allies (iconiaon arc) for the ground sets.

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