Gaming chairs.
I have been looking at gaming chairs (mostly on Ebay) the last few days. There are many brands and styles to choose from. My current chair is nearly 30 years old and very uncomfortable now (we are both old, lol). I am sure many of you out there have good chairs and I could use some advice on brands and models you would recommend from personal experiences with them.
I don't use a gaming chair - just a very comfy recliner
(12-21-2017, 09:49 PM)Trudard Wrote: I don't use a gaming chair - just a very comfy recliner
I would do that too, if it would fit under my desk. lol.
I used a bean bag chair for a time - it's actually great for your back lol
This is what I finally decided to go with. Hope it's as comfortable as it looks.

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I am kinda stuck using an office chair. My computer is on an old wooden desk and I have a 32" flat screen I use as a monitor which is mounted using a wall mount bracket on a stanchion I've attached to the desk. My current chair is literally an antique. I've been using it nearly 30 years. This will be a huge change from what I am used to.

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