Help with Windows 10 (Fall's Creators Update) needed
Hi Guys,

at some point after the Fall's Creator Update my keyboard started to act weird. It seems to use short cuts on its own. For example: immediately after typing the letter y, upon hitting the spacebar a context menu opens. Upon other keys, new Browser windows are opened (sometimes in incognito mode) or the Browser is closed altogether.

I can't find anything about this on google (probably because I'm not using the correct search words / phrases). This is not restricted to my browser, but affects pretty much everything. Removing the keyboard from the system (driver-wise) did not help. Scans for Viruses and/or Malware came up negative.

I am getting desperate here and my patience with my computer is running out. Any help is appreciated.
(12-18-2017, 08:52 AM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: Edit: Just a thought but have you tried a different keyboard, if possible?
I'll be damned. You know what? That seems to be the problem. I use a Microsoft Comfort Curved Keyboard 3000. Should have expected that Microsoft would mess up their stuff big time.

Anyway, I unearthed a very cheap wireless keyboard and guess what? It works perfectly (besides being not so ergonomical, but that is a rather minor inconvenience now).

Thanks for the help, Mate!
I have had keyboard issues as well with my logitech - my macros stopped working for STO. Found out during an stf run Sad
(12-18-2017, 07:20 PM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: Might be worth trying the MS keyboard in a different USB slot TP, its not unknown for MS to foul up the USB hub and give screwy results.
Unfortunately that try did not solve the issue. It was worth trying though.

(12-18-2017, 07:20 PM)Nyxadrill1962 Wrote: I swear dealing with MS becomes more like an act of black magic every day  Rolleyes
MS is heavily competing to take Cryptic's place as my No. 1 annoyance. Big Grin

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