Leave of Absence
Captain Fludicus Log, Supplemental...

Due to the ongoing holiday celebrations, I have allowed a blanket shore leave for all my crew for the next two weeks. The ISS Adam Smith and the USS King Washington are therefore docked at the Earth Spacedock due to the lack of able crew. It would be an opportunity for Starfleet Engineering to calibrate the ships' systems, something that my senior crew have not taken up due to our constant combat assignments.

For myself, a little shore leave at the Starfleet Academy would be much looked to as I would spend the celebrations with Cadets who are unable to return to their home systems for the occasion...

Dear fleet,

As you may notice, I have not been active as of late. It is due to the oncoming holiday season and plans for the last week of the year.

Therefore I wish to inform the fleet that effective immediately, I would be taking a leave of absence until New Year. You may notice me then and now if only to manage my inventory. I would be willing to respond to any distress or meetings within my capacity if the need arise. 

As promised, now I got my Breen Warp Core, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Also, let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for a wonderful time at the Winter Wonderland. Chasing the Kram'piri is something that I would look to once I return. 

Speaking of the Kram'piri accusing us of being naughty...

Lacuna Coil really are awesome.

Have a good holiday
Have an awesome Christmas. Hope to see you back soon.

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