Tribble Testing this weekend (And Screenshots)
For anyone who is interested. As soon as the tribble server comes back up, the test weekend begins. From what I read, if you play on tribble for 1 hour then you'll get a reward on holodeck when they release it.

Signed up and waiting.
The Hive space is really cool and can be a challenge.
I am now on tribble and have a go against the starbase which was good fun. It was a challenge enough for me. Where do I see the omega and romulan marks boards? I cannot find any interface to get a feel for what its like. Thanks.
Under the 'u' section, there is now a reputation tab along with the skills etc tabs - it's all in there.

On a testing note, though - can we just add dili etc to our inventory or do we actually have to grind it to test it, too?

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