PSA regarding Q's Winter Wonderland 2017/2018
When Q's Winter Wonderland is going live today, there are some known issues according to today's patch notes:
  • The new Black Mek’leth from the Winter Event may be invisible on low graphics settings.
  • Obtaining the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider (T6) does not currently unlock the ability to purchase Breen Plesh Brek Raider hangar pets, for use on Breen ships with hangar bays.

So keep calm and party on in the Winter Wonderland. Wink

Live Long and Prosper
Bugs and all. Odin and I are still having fun at the winter event.

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Nice Kitty!

I am jealous.... I want one!
Got him at the Lobi store. He is my real cats rpg persona. Here is the real Odin.

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