2018 Anniversary Ship
The Free ships? Today I guess from c-store

The decent anniversary ship? When it opens on 23rd you get 400 rep points for completing the new featured episode + the omega missions as mention above.
They just announced 3 ships from Discovery. 1 from a drop box (faction specific so 2) and 1 Lobi ship. The Discovery has a cool console feature.
Also, some other pretty cool stuff to get.
Urmm one to look out for on exchange at some point Smile
Prolly the only way to get one. You know how lock boxes are. .000000001% chance to win one.  Angry
Urm the odds I think are better than that - but I would never do lock box for just the ship.
Free T5 Ships in C store! One for each faction
3 ships! That's pretty awesome.
(12-10-2017, 05:58 AM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: maybe, or (less likely) a dominion tie-in to kick off that tease for 14.5. wouldn't be surprised if it's a one-off STD related ship, like how the Ambassador had its mission that didn't really fit into the story arcs till AOY came out a few years later.


I kinda called it on both! the Bajoran ship was used heavily against the cardassians and again against the dominion in DS9.... and we get the STD ships too in a lockbox timed with the next episode.

"Ok Siri, remind me to go get lotto tickets..."
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Well done ... and yes buy some lottery tickets!
Eighth Anniversary Giveaways - Two Universal Tech Upgrades!

Today's free giveaway see promotions tab :Smile enjoy

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