1,000 Day Vet Reward Ships - what are your thoughts?
Okay, having played with both ships and having seen other people in the Chimera, I'd be interested on your thoughts on these ships. Here are mine...........

....Chimera (Fed) - It's a great idea, but on my science char it just doesn't cut it. For some reason it's just too weak in the shields and/or hull. Either that or it pulls too much attention. It's a heavy destroyer, not a science ship, but I would have thought it would take more hits than it does. Would really like to know how other people get on with this.

Peghqu’ (KDF) - as my KDF char is a tactical one, this really REALLY works - it's an awesome ship and can really dish out the whoopbum (censored) and can take a decent amount of damage. Works well in a fight, that's for sure.
Technically the Chimera is an escort, which is why it has weak shields. As someone who has been piloting escorts since day 1, I've learned how to survive and believe me it isn't the easiest thing. The majority of my engineering and science abilities are used for regenerating both shields and hull. Being an engineer helps as well because I have some innate abilities which help towards shields and hull.

I admit, when I'm flying the Peghqu’ I have emergency to shields and engineering team with hazard emitters, plus two lots of tactical team just to help make sure my hull isn't getting pasted - on the fed side I've tended to run it more like a science ship but with more firepower and it just doesn't work that way, so I think for me it's not been a pure and fair comparison.

To be fair, I think I'll roll a fed Tactical char instead of trying to make it work on Monty.
You could try something like.. this? <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href="http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillplanner/index.php?build=Trythismaybe_1615">http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpl ... maybe_1615</a><!-- m -Arrow Two copies of emergency power to shields are pretty much standard, and if you have the right doffs you can have very good uptime.

You could do some other reasonably nifty things - don't be put off! For instance, you could include a copy of Attack Pattern Beta instead of Omega, and then take two transphasic torpedoes along with torpedo doffs, mount disruptors, and go for hull damage in a big way.

I have both but use neither, I dont rate them to be honest. Out of the two the Peghqu is the better one due to the battle cloak and associated buff. Using my ACT combat log the lotus counts for such a small amount of the overall DPS it is not worth the console loss in my opinion.

They are nice ships and I will and do use them but I prefer the 10 console fleet ships with higher hull etc. I was built to last Wink

I also think the chimera is ugly but thats down to waste.
Now, that I got the opportunity to test the Chimera, I have to say I will use it for non-STF. I will still prefer my F-TER for STF, because that fifth Tac Console Slot is just too valuable to be ignored. Smile
Something I neglected to mention in my post above, which is the kind of gibberish I write on the bus it turns out, is that Aux to Battery was MADE FOR THIS SHIP. Well, with Technician Duty Officers, at least.

Seriously. Go get two/three technician duty officers (which lower the cooldown of all abilities when AtB is used, including other abilities of AtB I think), take two copies of Aux to Batt, and go crazy. A build like thiss <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href="http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillplanner/index.php?build=AtBChimera_1615">http://www.stoacademy.com/tools/skillpl ... imera_1615</a><!-- m -Arrow could start getting a bit ruinous - you don't need multiple copies of skills because the AtB effect lowers the cooldowns hugely. Pack DHCs on the front and turrets on the back, swoop in, obliterate everything, cackle to yourself as you spam all your abilities.

Obviously you can change things - you can run one copy of AtB and get away with it for instance - but you need 3 Purple Technician Duty Officers, which might be a bit troublesome to get hold of, depending on your resources. Keybinds (which are reaaally profitable to figure out) will be pretty much essential in order to let you have AtB cycling continuously. You could go for a more Science-focused slant on it if you wanted and use Tyken's Rift/Energy Siphon, Polaron Weaponry and lots of flow Capacitors, or.. other things.

This stuff goes the same for the KDF variant, for obvious reasons.


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