Trouble upgrading to LTS | "Error upgrading subscription"
Hi Guys,

anyone of you had problems upgrading to LTS? I tried to buy it with my VISA (balanced high enough), but I get a message "Error upgrading subscription". Yes, I wrote a Ticket but was hoping some of you knows what's going on here.

So? Anyone?
I have no idea. Cryptic/PWE are probably the best people to help you.

*double facepalm*

Guys, the problem has rectified itself as I was misinformed by my own Bank. The Funds will be transferred to my VISA by tomorrow. Then I will finally, happily join the LTS Club.

Thanks anyway. Smile
Welcome to the club. Were you silver or gold before?
Monty Wrote:Welcome to the club. Were you silver or gold before?
Was Gold for 98 Days, went Silver after that for financial reasons. BUT very good friends borrowed me the money for the LTS. Yay!
Oh Lord, please grant me the power to refrain myself from going on a Rampage.

Tried to buy the LTS again this morning, only to learn that my VISA has been declined by the issuing Bank. This would not be a problem at all, if PWE would enable the Electronic Direct Debit that they are advertising for Germany and Austria. How fortunate for me, that the LTS offer has ten days left.
Hope you get it sorted soon, buddy!
I have as of yesterday.

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