An interesting matchup at least in my opinion
(11-13-2017, 01:25 PM)James Wrote: I don't believe so.

It would be down to being picky about what exactly is being upgraded (also is it not Admiral Marcus' Dreadnought as opposed to Khan's?).

You can upgrade the hull, the armament, the warp core, the engine, the shields and you would still have a 200 year younger version of the dreadnought with nothing "new," whereas the Scimitar will have all of it's modern day bells and whistles.

You could remove the thalaron weapon yes, but not the cloak - that's just deliberately trying to change the game so the Dreadnought would have a better chance of winning lol.

I mean it was Admiral Marcus’s yes, but Khan was the true master mind of the ship.

If you overhauled every part of the Dreadnought which would rebuilding it from the ground up. The Scimitar regardless would be superior I can totally agree however if we want to totally change this around would any ship truly give the Scimitar a run for its money?

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An interesting matchup at least in my opinion - by Madman - 11-13-2017, 04:20 PM

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