An interesting matchup at least in my opinion
So I’ve been meaning to post this for awhile, but I have been so busy regardless I have a question that I think could be interesting.

Which of these would win
Khans Dreadnought (Kelvin Timeline)
Shinzons Scimitar (Original Timeline)

I know both of this ships were purely bred for ultimate destruction so which would win because when you look at each ship and discuss certain points it could be a very interesting fight.

A battle cloak almost perfect vs a ship that can rip through shields, however I don’t know if Khan’s ship would detect cloak I think not, but if we lose the cloak and the ridiculous Thalaron weapon I’m not so sure each ship has quite the firepower against each other.

Even if we had to upgrade Khans ship to the same timeline as the Scimitar i still think the fight would be interesting, however as this is a discussion I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts.

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An interesting matchup at least in my opinion - by Madman - 11-12-2017, 12:16 AM

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