The Mirror Universe Invades!!!
With the Terran's planning a major invasion of our universe I am hoping we can organize teams to hold of the incursion. I am available nightly to participate in this battle for our freedom. If any other members of the fleet would like to join in this maybe we can petition Admirality to sanction and support this. Let's make STOA the first line of defense against our evil counter parts. 
 Post opinions and level of interest in this and we can see where it goes. Read below for description of the event from ARC.

Thank you. 

The Mirror Invasion will be returning to Star Trek Online as part of a brand new limited time event starting on Thursday, November 9th at 8AM PST, and ending on Thursday, November 30 at 10AM PST. This event map will only be playable during this three week event timeframe.
In addition to earning a choice of marks for playing the Mirror Invasion queued event, players can run a new reputation project to earn a huge reward of Dilithium, Marks, and a brand new unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols!
As the event begins, a number of rifts open around the map and ships from the Mirror Universe begin to cross over into ours. If left unchecked, the rifts will grow and launch more powerful ships. You must stop these ships before they can damage the station by either destroying the ships or by closing the rifts.
The station is not entirely defenseless, but many of its defenses have been knocked offline in the initial salvos. There are four power substations around the map. Activate them and they will restore power to the station, which will in turn bring station defenses back online.
After the initial stage of closing rifts, Vauthil Station emits an anti-tachyon pulse that sends the Mirror Universe ships back to their dimension. However, the Terran Empire launches one final assault, sending one of its special modified dreadnoughts through. These dreadnoughts have the ability to return to the Mirror Universe and will reappear through any open rift in the area.
Players can earn marks by closing portals, keeping the station’s health high, leveling up the defenses of the station, and defeating the Mirror Dreadnought within the time limit. The number of marks rewarded varies based on player performance.
Once a day, players will be awarded a Multidimensional Transporter for playing this event. By turning in 14 Transporters through the Reputation System, players will receive 50,000 Dilithium Ore, 500 Fleet Marks, 250 Marks of Your Choice and a brand new unique ground weapon, Mirror Universe Phaser Dual Pistols. Completing this project on any character will unlock this new weapon for all characters across your account, and additionally the other characters can still complete the project to receive the Marks and Dilithium Ore.

Attention Fleet... This is Captain Fludicus of the ISS Adam Smith. 

I am here to inform you that the ISS Adam Smith is not a Terran Empire Ship. I repeat, we are a Federation Starfleet Vessel. DO NOT OPEN FIRE!!!

We are receiving Intel that the Mirror Universe is planning an invasion soon. I Captian Fludicus assure you that the ISS Adam Smith. and its crew stand by you as this time approches.

The ISS Adam Smith was taken from the  Mirror Universe as a derelict vessel and had since sevred Starfleet and the Federation well... It serves on the frontline against many foes, the least being its former masters.

Admiralty, If we need to change our ship to prevent friendly fire, please advise and we will comply....

I wish to take this oppertunity to wish you luck in the coming invasion,  and invite you to join in the battles to push our twisted counterparts back to where they belong.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.
Captain Fludicus
ISS Adam Smith
This is my reply:
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(11-07-2017, 01:36 PM)James Wrote: Threads merged and Moved to Fleet Events
Thanks James.
Wow I did not know the Admirals can do that...

And they have not seem to have replied yet...
(11-07-2017, 01:44 PM)codius1988 Wrote: Wow I did not know the Admirals can do that...

And they have not seem to have replied yet...
They can do any thing. lol. JK.
Maybe they are discussing it as we speak. Only time will tell.  Live Long and Prosper
Dont really see what there is to reply to lol - These events get run all the time in chat when they are on. 

All you have to do it speak up if you want to run it.

And Codius - if your ship has a friendly fire button on your LCARS, maybe you can share that tech with everyone else!
It's up to you and me Codius. We will just have to throw out invites in game. I know when I am usually on the fleet roster rarely shows enough members to form a full team. Hopefully if enough members know we are doing this they will log on and join in. I am willing to do this with random STO players but prefer the commendatory within our fleet. There was another member on last night showing strong interest in this so I will contact them. That will make 3 of us. Surely we can inspire a few more to join.
(11-07-2017, 02:04 PM)James Wrote: These events get run all the time in chat when they are on. 

Just in case you missed that sentence...

These events are run all the time in chat when the events are on - just speak up in fleet chat and see who wants to run it with you!

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