Playing a klingon.
I hear a lot of people mention making a toon into a "Dill farmer". Exactly what is that and how does it work?
I think basically just having them mine or deposit them on New Rom or nimbus where they can do those missions over and over again.

Not sure if you can do it on kobali (I stay away from that planet)
I hate Kobali Prime too. Once you leave them in a location is this somehow automated or do you need to physically play them through the missions?
Theres a guy in the nimbus bar that gives 3 quests you can  do every 20 hrs

The romulus one is the "new romulus " episode arc. The ones where you go to each spot of the map and can get marks from it. (it gives dill also.

Also the reps can be considered dill farming since when you are finished with each rep you can get a bunch of dill from it.

The admiralty and some cases the duty officer missions.
The way I farm dill is to have my KDFs (10 or so at various lvls) collect contraband through sector doff missions. This is given to my feds who trade it for 2k dill (my low lvl feds only do this part - if u had plenty of time your kdfs could park each night and trade contraband for dill but i prefer leaving them in fed space for the raids!). Surplus is sold.

My main characters (those at lvl 60 of which there are 8) all do admiralty missions (Klingon and Ferrengi). When you reach the 10th tour of duty you get 30k dill. These characters als farm events for dill (usually the 14 day ones where they get 50k dill). Finally, should they be really low then the go to Dyson and do some very easy dill farming (collecting elite marks and normal, which can be exchanged through the rep system for dill.

This works for my and is part of my long term strategy.

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