Beam Boat?
So I run a Herald Vonph Dreadnought Carrier. I run with 4 fleet antiproton dual heavy cannons in my fore weapons and aft are 2 omni anti and a trilithiun tricobalt torpedo. Thinking of changing to full beams on this thing. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on beam boats and the best layout for them (been dual h-cannons for years)

Thanks for any input


I use a beam boat (I have 1 torp but thinking of dropping it).

I prefer them as they suit my flying style (slow and steady) and my ships, which are mostly Cruisers and Carriers.

Best to have Omni and Kinetic Cutting Beam to the rear (I use Crafted and House of Mattock) plus one beam array/torp (depending on ship and style).

Front with this set up you can (and should) use beam arrays (rep and crafted). Depending on your set up and ship you could use dual beam banks they are more powerful but the 90deg arc is very restrictive. I use Terran/Ressonant/ (I cant remember the other and the game is offline) beam arrays plus two crafted with Dmg/crtd Pen combos.

I hope that hellps

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