The ISS Adam Smith before and After the Breen camapign
OK, it was a long time coming but it finally here. I wish to present you with the loadout of the ISS Adam Smith, before and after the Breen campaign

Pre-Breen Campaign:
Post Breen:

Note: The skill builder does not show:
- Trilithium Laced Weaponry set
- Reiterative Structural Capacitor
- I considered using the Red Matter capacitor but thought a cruiser would make better use of it

What I can beat: If you are borg or Breen, you are toast!
A bit of a challenge: Kazon, but then again the frame rates are also the issue for some missions.
Run Sphere of Influence for the Warp Core and Omni-Directional. Its the first mission in Solanae Arc.

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