Season 7 Screenshots from Tribble Test Server
Here are some Pictures from the Tribble Test Server.

PvE Queue

Reputation System: Omega Force

Reputation System: Romulans
Nice post man! Thanks for the information.

I look forward to the Season 7 features hitting Holodeck. I've been on Tribble a few times now and my only complaint is that no one else seemed to be there so I was unable to try any of the new PvE group missions. I wish that the mission menu would let you know how many people are signed up for a mission (as the current menu does). I did run a pair of "War Zone" missions in a Heavy Cruiser and managed to complete the scenario solo without being blown up too many times.

I haven't seen anything from Cryptic/PWE about official "Tribble Testing" of Season 7. They just seem to have slipped the new features into Tribble and left it to the bloggers to spread the news about them.

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