Need help building a Tactical Romulan
I am a returning player to STO i am still getting used to all the mechanics after all this time so i would like some help building a decent ship, i have set my eyes on the Khopesh Tactical Dreadnought as my endgame ship as i loved my Scimitar.

While i know the Advanced Scimitar Systems set is  a little dated is there a way to make it work? as i want to combine this
with the romulan/reman set i would like to keep a romulan theme going but at the same time i need to make it work
so I'm not blasted to bits by npcs

as for the Space and Ground skills this is where i need help the most I have no clue how i should build up my character, Boffs or ship i will probably be focusing more on lasers rather than torps
This is the current build i have done on my skills

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