Fludicus Today: Taking on the Borg
You could say that my story really begins at the attack of the Vega Colony... I was pressed into commanding a scrappy ship in during the battle. Something to do about the raw experience I had that many ensigns lacked.

The ground assault on Vega was the defining moment of the campaign. It was where I found my old crew that I grew up with... Assimilated... 

It was a hard call... but I had my orders.

I had to take them out of their misery.

The details are better left for the historians...  I ought to be telling about myself today.

Since those days,  I have specialised into a tactical officer dedicated to fighting the Borg. Of course, I do fight other types of enemies and threats to the Federation, but if there is one thing I must agree on, the Borg collective if anything is the biggest threat you can ask for on our  side of the galaxy. And if you can face the Borg, you can face whoever else.

It was the reason I became a MACO Officer within Starfleet. 

Once an exclusive group of Earth combat officers, MACO was Earth's go-to solution in dealing with the most nasty threats the galaxy happens to have. They have the best weapons, training and people that Earth could offer. At one time, they were a force on their own. In fact, they they're the folks that Captain Archer asked for when he went for the Xindi Campaign.

By the time I has accepted to become a MACO recruit,  Starfleet officers of other Federation species had already been accepted into the ranks of the organisation. With the war going badly with the Klingons, it was not a time to be fussy, but a time to take whoever was willing to become who they describe as the best.

And they made me one of the best...

While the armour and guns have made defined what a MACO Officer looks, I was one of the few (the very few) among the MACOs to consider the ultimate combat against the Borg. And thus be among the very Elite of Borg killing.

Oh yes, for those who ask on the assimilation tubes... I learnt this from my combat instructor:

"When you decide to attack, keep calm and dash in quickly..."

While many would say we are exposing ourselves to assimilation, no one argues that Borg shields cannot adapt to physical contact of a melee weapon. 

It does make me wonder how long would they take until they make a melee-based Borg to counter our tactics...

Next: The Crew and the Ships.

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