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I've recently come back to the game and noticed? a change in buying ships from ECs to ZEN??? I couldn't get the extra 75 zen to purchase the ship I wanted ( a science refit ) so bought the one just below. Now I am virtually Zen deficient.

Am I remembering incorrectly that we used to buy ships with EC??

I definitely don't want to buy ZEN from these folks. I can limp around space in my little git of a ship.

AND, I went and gathered a ton of Latinum, which apparently is worthless Tongue also. And as I recall, Latinum ruled the universe in the real world Star Trek. Old Quark must be distitute by now :cry: .

So, is there a way to earn zen in the game I haven't come across yet??

zimm out
I think the only in game way is to sell Dili on the exchange. Please correct me if I'm wrong
You can buy all sorts of precious stuff with EC on the exchange - lockbox ships will be on there for preposterous amounts of ECs, but ECs nonetheless.

Just had a look and there are a lot of ships for dili, too, but not the top end, fancy stuff

**EDIT** Tell a lie - the normal tier 5's are 120k refined dili. That's not too bad
The change from EC to Zen is no big deal. They both work exactly the same. The only difference, as for as STO is concerned, is that Zen costs and is worth less than ECs. The conversion rate exactly balances those two factors so that the real money cost of everything is the same as it would be if ECs were still the currency. They did raise some prices after F2P started, but I'm sure those prices would have gone up anyway.

As for Latinum, it's been the same since I joined the game. The only things it can be used for are to buy wall trophies which do nothing or to buy ship costumes which go away after fifteen minutes and then have to be bought all over again. oh, there are accolades which go with accumulating various amounts of Latinum, but I don't believe the accolades carry any benefits except allowing you to use the titles that go with the various levels of Latinum you acquire.
Latinum is sometimes used for Doff missions, too.

In fairness though, the ship that you get at level 40 is often good enough - it's not going to be the best ship, obviously, but it will work.

I currently fly the mirror version of the recon science ship. It's not vastly better than the recon science ship that I got at lvl 40 - and it's the ship that I use day in, day out. There might be better ships out there, but I can still do all the end game stuff so it's no worries.
Agree. I fly the tier 4 D'kyr on my sci - good ship, similar to the Nebula which is very well.regarded.


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