The No Win's back, Weekend Store and No more Reputation Projects?

Its that infamous scenario again...  I am excited to join the fleet for the notorious no-win Scenario...

Oh dear... Does it mean that I can build my MACO sets no more? Huh
(09-27-2017, 05:24 PM)codius1988 Wrote: Oh dear... Does it mean that I can build my MACO sets no more? Huh

That's just for event projects, not normal Omega, Nukara, Iconian, etc reputation projects.
Quote:With the retirement of Reputation Projects for Weekend Events, any currently slotted Event Reputation Projects for Weekend Event rewards will now automatically complete if at least 1 Weekend Event Voucher has been donated.

These vouchers can be activated to open the Weekend Event Store, where the current and previous Weekend Event rewards can be purchased. Finally, by popular demand, any purchase from the Weekend Event Store is account unlocked and can be reclaimed by any of your characters!
so if i am reading that right, the last sompek weekender that i forgot to check if it was character only unlock will automatically advance to fully completed and i can rack up points on my alts to unlock weekend rewards that were before my time now too???
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