STO Academy Halloween Party October 24th!
I wish you guys had something going on around the time of 5 pm to 9 pm CST, that pretty much the time I am able to play.
The events were awesome. The Starbase Fleet Defense was fun despite the waiting time. The Costume event was just hilarious and the three winners truly deserved there prizes. It also showed the obvious advantages of setting ones character up as an Alien. The Trek Trivia was fun too. Compliments to Chris for his choices of questions, which were demanding.

The Replay of "Stranded in Space" was awesome and a real Eye opener. We really got problems in our Tier 1 Ships. I took my borgified Peregrine Fighter and got nailed about two dozen times.

After we all switched to our favorite Tier 5 Ships it was easy. Then we experienced something odd. Everyone brought their Away Team to the Azura. The entire left Side of the Screen was filled with Character Avatars. Although we completed all tasks, we were not award all the accolades we expected.

However, this evening was awesome and I am truly glad I participated.

By the way, although it was just a coincidence, all this happened at the 21st anniversary of the death of Eugene Wesley Roddenberry. Let us not forget the Genius, who made all this possible.


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