Skill Planer intent
Hey @all,

maybe I didn't catch the sense of this tool. The name points out, that you can plan your skill ...
If the tool didn't give you a feedback on your choices - maybe in max. DPS output, why did
the tool gets that name ?

After filling the my Build with all data, I was searching for a result Arrow didn't find one.

What am I doing wrong ?

Qapla Rider
Thread moved to Skill Planner Bugs & Feedback.

The skill planner is a copy of the skill tree in-game. You fill out the slots and skills with your current or planned build for ground and/or space and copy the link of the build to these forums for critique.

The tool isn't there to (and it won't) calculate your dps output. There are many factors that contribute to DPS that are part of the game mechanic that cannot be replicated into a skill planner.

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