Introducing... Fludicus The Ferengi
I got some interesting Backstory of my current character in the fleet... Enjoy...

My name is Fludico Meso Sudundus, but I am better called Fludicus...

Yeah, I am a Ferengi and people think I am here for the profits. But as we can see here, Profit is not the only thing that some Ferengi go for. Just ask Captain Nog...

Where should I start?

OK, I was born off-world, meaning that I was not born in Ferenginar. In fact, I do not know my family. I was found on some freighter by a crew who took me in and raised me as their own. A curious thing, they said that freighter was found abandoned after travelling what the call the Nexus...

The only other thing they found with me was this old book containing the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. I read it multiple times and while it has some worth I find it not to my ideals. I now keep it in the bank, if only for sentimental reasons.

I worked as a cabin boy for the captain and the senior officers that found me for all my my childhood. They treated me like family. They do like the fact that my Ferengi instincts seems to have helped us sniff out a good opportunity whether it was scraps of information or a trade that would make a bargain... I just put it to some good fortune.

I suppose it was fate, but one day I got stranded on Earth. I do not know how but I missed my appointed time to report back to the ship... Perhaps something was so urgent that my old crew needed to go even if it meant leaving me behind.

I found out later they went to the Vega System. We know what happened since.

Well, that's when I encountered Starfleet. I got picked up by the Earth police for some crime I was not aware of. Some Starfleet officer happened to have ended up in the same cell with me, and somehow we ended up talking on everything we experienced in our lives. When the Earth police released me on a lack of evidence, the Captain offered me a place on his ship, and a chance to study part-time to become an officer of Starfleet.

It was with Starfleet that my adventures truly began...

(O-O-C: I played the first version of the tutorial so there was no graduation day backstory here...)

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