End-game entertainment - what to do?
So, at the risk of angering people and/or seeming like a right nooblet, what is there for me to do in the 'end-game' phase?

There are no more episodes for me to run.
I can run space STFs but don't really need any drops - I can always grind EDCs for the MK XI ground set though (super fun :roll: !).
I can do ground STFs, but really just on normal for now and few Fleet members are up for that, so it's not as much fun.
I could grind the Tholian ground bit.
I can do dailies - there might be some fun ones that I'm missing out on, so feel free to post your favourite, least favourite dailies.
I actually really enjoy Doffing - makes me feel like a real Vice Admiral

Is there anything that's cracking good fun that I'm missing out on here?
I mainly theorycraft while I'm on the bus!

Um, for cereals, I don't bother with dailies (time is too precious for that crap), I doff a bit, and I do the odd stf. I've been getting into PvPing a little bit (I'd love it if some others did too...), and I occasionally blitz out the odd fleet event in order to help out the starbase.

The next season will be make or break for me, really. New content better be good! I wasn't impressed with the Tholian Ground stuff.

Though this might seems unlikely for everyone, PVP is the way to go. lol... that's the only place where you can fine-tune your ship to destroy players rather than PVE mobs. Besides, destroying players are much more fine when you're doing it as a group, you get to see how you fare against others.
And no, this does not require a substantial amount of EC, a full set of MK XII borg weapons, borg 3piece set/MK XII maco shield, or 2piece omega with 2 piece borg is substantial to survive in any PVP. And of course, the right boff layout build.
Other than PVP, you can only get that much fun out of playing with fleet members rather than PUGs.
Grinding may get boring, but it's worth the grind for ECs and dilithium-to-zen conversion (if f2p) when new Z-store ship comes out, or lock box ships that you can get quickly with your available ECs. (ECs are easily grindable on the exchange, just need to find smart/get lucky, but still require at least a few millions to start off)
Grinding for accolades now may seems to be a wise choice for end game, since I believe they might do something with it when they tie it with the achievement thing I heard in the podcast over at priority one when they visited cryptic. Also, grinding your dabos now would be wise to prepare for the next dabo items coming up december i think.
I work on the Borg STF (space) for drops and either use them or sell them to purchase common crew members for the starbase. Most of my work is geared to completing our starbase. Also playing fleet missions for fleet marks and surprisingly the base incursion mission does give you quite a few fleet marks.
Some really cool suggestions here - thanks all.

I enjoy the STFs, so looking for the XII engines and deflector can keep me busy - it did seem strange that an item bought for 3 items bought for a total of 15 ECDs would be better than the ultra rare drops.........
I will happily join you in normal grounds and also fleet PVP. Creating a KDF toon is a great suggestion. Also, I have grinded 120 EDCs for the XI ground set. I will also join you in grinding space STF's as like already suggested it is going to be beneficial to get the sets now before season 7. I still need XII maco engine and deflector plus Omega Engine for the Feb toon. I need the whole Omega set for the KDF toon so certainly lots of stuff to do. I have prefered end game play i must say and having two toons means i dont have to wait for cool downs etc. I also grinded fleet marks etc in order to get all fleet weapons on one of my ships to try out.
Well, my wife talked me in to getting the lifetime subscription, so it should give me a lot to do, trying different ships...............
Terradome any1? HAHAHAHA (evil laugh)
I need to do that on Monty, so am very up for it! Just let me clear half a day.................

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