Captain's Test: Time for a retune?
Hello Fleet... 

By the time you read this I have already passed my Captain's test. It's embarrassing Picard Facepalm ... I had to take it twice...

I have nothing against it but... I find one question that may had made the difference or keep me from getting a perfect score...

It is a question on the Mk II rare weapon. Is it supposed to be Mark II (2) or Mk XI (11)?
I do recall anything less than Mk VII is a no-no in the fleet bank... and then we need it to be rare at least to deposit...
One answer seems irrelevant, as in that the person opts to answer to upgrade it...
Was it a trick question? One that was to make sure no one gets a perfect score?
Or Maybe I got the right answer... and I did not get another question right....

I suppose I am too new to ask this... If the Admirals see this, please do not black mark me  Confused
Don't worry, we won't black mark you. We're not heartless tyrants. More like benevolent jerks Big Grin

None of our questions are meant to be trick questions. They are mainly to encourage new members to learn more about the fleet. The questions you're referring to is "You have crafted a very rare Mk II weapon with nice modifiers. Are you allowed to place it in the Fleet Bank?"

Without giving away the exact answer, I will say that the answer can be found in the fleet rules, specifically rules for the fleet bank Let me know if this somewhat helps.

I guess it answers that.... Thanks... Tongue

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