Missing Heavy Weapon Box
I know there was a whole lot of changes to make for Season 13. But somewhere the Ouroboros Temporal Raider does not have a box for the Heavy weapons that came out at the start of Season 13.

That came out with the AoY package as the smallest of the 31st Century ships. I wouldn't have even noticed it (Cruisers are my usual build) but I had a fleet mate wanting me to help him with his "Glass Cannon" build and so I told him to put it all in here first.

I love this tool, I get to see everything for the fleet mates, and about 80% of the time, they catch their own mistakes!
Easy enough, fixed Smile

(08-20-2017, 01:27 AM)Attilio Wrote: Easy enough, fixed Smile
Just curious, does this fix apply to the other ships fitting the following criteria?

"However, upon Season 13’s release, many starships will be receiving a Heavy Weapons Slot. Tier 6 Raiders and all Tier 6 starships with a Tactical Commander seat, 7 weapons, and 1 or fewer Hangar Bays will receive a Heavy Weapons Slot and access to a basic upgradeable Heavy Weapon." (source)
No, I have to do them individually. I could do an update based on that criteria but I don't want to accidentally give that slot to a ship which doesn't require it.

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