STO/Kingdom Hearts (TLK storyline) Foundry mission
Hey guys. I'm trying to create my 1st Foundry mission in STO. It will have a few ground maps and a space one. I'm trying to "recreate" the Pride Lands from TLK and the final battle between the Pride Landers and Scar's faction. VaKel Shon is the primary boss for the space battle above the Pride Lands.
I cant help ya any on not knowing anything about the Foundry other than picking up farming missions, but i have some questions since Lion King was my fav when it came out: will it be Catian/Ferason heavy on the characters, Talaxian for Timon, and what species for Pumba?
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Yes. All the lion characters will be Caitians with the exception of Scar (Ferasan). Timon will be a Talaxian and Pumbaa might be a Hierarchy.

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