Point Defense Bombardment Warhead

I'm KDF and building a disruptor beam ship with a Ferasan catscort.
I wanted to build around the new Martok console and omni, as well as the Nausicaan 3 piece.  Also using the TTF array and some CoalDis for the other slots.

I want to also use the Synergistic Retrofit set as I have this point defense console in my bank (bought for the trait awhile back) and would like to pair with the DPRM for that sweet 2 pc.  I see a lot of people pairing this console with the secondary shield one but not this projectile one.  But as the shield console is entirely defenseive, I wonder if you use any kind of projectile weapon this might be a better choice to squeeze out a little more damage.

It's stated to boost "projectile damage" but am entirely unclear on whether this means the Nausicaan torp will be affected.
Otherwise the weapon is boosted by Disruptor bonuses, but I wondered if the "energy torp" weapons are still considered projectiles for this console?  As they are boosted by projectile damage boosts in the skill tree.

I thought it was odd that the console wasn't specifically for torpedo damage or kinetic damage, but rather "projectile" and I wondered if this included the energy torps.  Can't seem to find a clear answer on this anywhere, so I hope someone can help me out Smile

Thanks in advance!

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