What is the best builds for All?
What is the best builds for Tac,Sci and Eng?What skills are best to use as well as specialization and what do you use in traits?This is so all characters can use all the ships.I may have to restat my toons which is why I ma asking.

Thanks for your replies.
Really it all depends on what you want to do with these characters.

What ships are you flying? What careers are they? What do you want to do?

Use the skillplanner and show us your current builds, that way we can actually disseminate them and give you a proper answer.
I mosty use them for episode and the odd stf runs.It would take me sometime to post all my charactors in the builds section.I use varity of ships mostly I use the Oddy on mt Feds.Borta on my KDF and Scimitar on mty Roms.I will use say  the Defiant on my tacs and the B'rel.I use the Nebula on my Sci Feds.

I guess what I really asking is specialization which i have not full have filled up on?
Well pick one, and we can go from there. That information doesn't help us help you
Besides all the specifics, you generally want to fill out Intel and Strategist as your primary areas nowadays. those are the current meta for 2017. then you can do Temporal with Pilot, then Commando, then Command as the followups for unlocking their traits. but if you're already deep into one of them finish it out first cause itll be better than not having any in your spec area.
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