Inter-Fleet Holding Transwarping
The veterans among the STO players are all too familiar with the ways of how you can get to the several Fleet holdings. But if you are rather new to the game and/or new to a Fleet, then you may not know what the network connecting the Fleet Holdings actually look like. One should think, that each Fleet Holding is connected to another, right? Wrong! In fact, one connection is even mislabelled and put you in another place.

Then there is the issue with "Return to Sector space". If you think, you end up outside the Fleet Holding's system space, then you are wrong again. You will always end at the point where you entered the first Fleet Holding system space or the point in space where you initiated the Transwarp to a fleet holding. Most annoying and unfortunately Cryptic is not fixing it. They obviously could, as shown with the example of the newest Fleet Holding K-13. If you happen to be there and you hit "Return to Sector Space", then you will end up outside 20 Draconis, no matter where you started from.

Anyway, I made a small chart to help you out. Enjoy.

EDIT: Please keep in mind, that this map only applies, IF your fleet has unlocked the "Transwarp/Shuttle to Starbase" at your Embassy, Dilithium Mine, Spire, Research Lab and K-13.
Fab map, thanks! I don't often have to jump around so never really got used to it - this will certainly this veteran

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Thanks TP this helps a lot!

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Very very handy. Thanks for putting this together.
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Thanks TP

I have used some of the transwarps and shuttles but only a few - did not know one was mislabelled.
Really useful thanks!

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