Tip for storing ship items
I used my old ships for storing ship bits and bobs that I didn't want to sell, but a starter ship doesn't really have much space, let's be honest.

However, Mirror Universe ships are selling for around 150 or 200k ECs, and that equates to some pretty cheap storage. I now have junked some older ships and replaces with the new ones for extra storage, as well as trying out different ship types.

It's cheaper than Zen for bank spots - a big drawback though is the items will then be bound to you, so not good if you want to put it on the exchange.

Just thought I'd share - pretty certain many people are already doing this, but for those that hadn't thought of it. A couple of episodes will give you enough ECs, so it's not hard really.
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Item storage: Ships work great I agree, but as mentioned, only if you dont want to sell the item on the exchange. I have been using my mail for storing things that I have no room for (ie Boffs). After reading rumors of our corrupt overlords (pwe) making plans to "fix" the mail system, thus removing our nice long term storage, I'm going to have to figure out what to do about the thriving metropolis my mailbox has become.

Another option I was able to utilize was the alt type bank toon/crafter which after having my first monthly sub got a nice maxed out bank and inventory (though is fully loaded with emigrants from the Boff mail metroplois).
I also had a storage toon, my KDF Mon'T - she's now actually a proper char. I might well make another, just for the extra room, it's a very handy way of storing things

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