Just stopping by to say hi

So, I kind of fell off when I got this new job and then have been in and out... mostly out...
In fact, I don't think I've been in-game in over a year. This is for a few reasons... one of which just has to do with being busy, but another with that I'm still on my old Mac at home and it's been a real PITA just trying to get the game to start up (I think the DirectX 11 jawn wasn't compatible with any of the Wine stuff I was trying back then) - so much so that I gave up on it about a year ago.

I say all this just to say that, well, one thing I definitely miss about STO, though, is this fleet and all the good (and ridiculous and sometime hot-tempered, sure) and hilarious and encouraging and smart folks who make it up. Seriously, the game itself has probably gotten more vast and interesting since then, but I definitely remember hitting a ceiling in terms of feeling like it was challenging and fun...

And then folks in this fleet introduced me to all kinds of new challenges and even dumb things (like dancing outside the windows of Earth Spacedock) that made everything so much more interesting. That folks were also smart and thoughtful and genuinely gave a crap about each other was even more critical.

So, yeah, the game's still not going on this old Mac*, but I would feel remiss in not dropping a line to say hey and to hope y'all are having a blast both in-game and in meat space.


* (actually giving it a shot in PlayOnMac right now, but my hopes aren't high)
** (yeah, maybe one day, I'll break down and buy a machine just for games, but, right now, I'm spending that money on my bike so I can get hit by more cars - a story for another day)

It's good to hear from you picko!

Come.back when you can, we'll of course be waitong to greet you.


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