The Endeavor System - A first glimpse on Tribble
(07-18-2017, 08:31 PM)revdadam Wrote: Just finished the first one - destroying borg vessels.  I think it is a superb way of engaging the player base.  

It would be good to expand the system and make collective goals like the have in Dying Light where every person in the game contributes to, for example, killing 10 million borg ships.  If we achieve it everyone who participated gets a bonus or something new is released.

They have done something like that before. Last time was for the premiere of the AOY storyline last year where if everyone kept playing so much it would keep unlocking bonus rewards for the next week. IIRC it was so successful went on for almost 2 months. Before that they called it a Galactic Recovery effort or something of the sort, right after the conclusion of the Iconian War. They will probably do something like that again when they conclude the Tzenkethi arc.
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