New uniforms for STO Academy
I'm not a fan of the uniforms but the gun looks sweet
I prefer the new uniform to the old one if I'm honest - especially as you can wear the colour for your career choice, too.

And Raifin needs to stop working out or he'll bust out of the uniform, hulk-style!
Sign me up! Like it a lot.

Are we to design our uniforms in the style on the link, or in the style of the picture on this page, which is more like the old one?
The link gives you all available options for your fleet rank, the option in Raifin's picture is for Flag Officers
I like the new uniforms, but I feel a little guilty every time I buy one. They are 16,000 Dilithium per character, and I have ten Fed characters in the game. If I get uniforms for all ten of them, that's 160,000 Dilithium that's not going into the Fleet Starbase. Now that Dilithium is going to be harder to get, thanks to the elimination of Dilithium rewards for "Investigate Officer Reports" and the reduction of Dilithium for STF missions, progress on our Star Bases will undoubtedly slow down and the cost of uniforms will slow it even further. The answer, of course, is that more people need to contribute to the Star Bases in order to keep them moving along. If we all pitched in, our Fleet Star Base could be completed in a matter of weeks. As it is, it's taking that long just to fill the DOFF requirements for one or two projects.
Haven't seen the new uniforms on the Militia SB, since the tailor is not ready. Where I can find them.
ChrisHerr Wrote:Well,
I'm not sure if the tailor is unlocked on the Militia side; luckily if an STO Academy member invites you to that Starbase you can visit the tailor, buy the uniform, and see what is available at the shipyard.

That is how Raifin, a member of the Militia, got his uniform.


Yeah the tailor is not unlocked yet, so no big deal I can wait.
I just got my Fleet Uniform finally. Looks great!

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