Max Armor Pen build
So I'm trying to make a ship build with high EPS and armor pen. When added together the armor pen max is 420 which is +42 roughly.

I'm also going for max cover with FAW, I know these ships are great with cannons but I feel beams will work better since I need to use the Nausicaan set for the +50 armor pen.

The deflector and shield are for increased CritH, the Engine for CritD and the warp core just so I can get all my power levels past 125 and cause it's a little better than anything else, in my opinion.

So without further delay here's the build:

Please tell me what you think and please tell me if this is a viable 50-80K DPS build.
I don't have much experience outside of my own builds, But the trend I'm seeing now is to split between Vulnerability locators and exploiters since the percentage boosts are taking from each other and by the time you get that fourth one on there of the same thing, it's actually only giving out a boost of 37.5 of 37.5 of 37.5 of 37.5... if i'm understanding that math correctly... ie diminishing returns.

If the TTF photon is from a rep drop box and not a project, get rid of it for the project version, since the rep project torp also scales just like the almighty beam... i would also stick it in back with a crafted Omni beam or the cutting beam, or just not have a second torp since the nausicaan one is the one you wanted for the 2pc bonus. That way you can attack doing a strafing racetrack pattern and fire volleys from both ends as you pass your prey with the speed boost pilot ships offer... There's also the bit about them sharing a cooldown IIRC.

Since there isn't any points in projectile weapons training, that's hurting your potential output using torps in the first place. I would just take out all those points in impulse expertise for two in projectiles and one in weapon specialization.

You should try playing around with specialization combinations using intel too since that got a boost and is tied with temporal as the best primary spec. Intel/pilot perhaps??? Command spec still sucks though...

Also those basic beams even with those procs aren't going to put out as much as Advanced Fleet or Coalition disruptors. 

You could also consider using as needed the Red Matter Capacitor since it'll set all your levels to 100, and subspace field modulator as a slight help to survivability if you find you keep dying...

Unless you need the proc points, the nullifiers are pretty much only placeholders post nerf-mageddon. 

Speaking of which, what was true before still applies about CRTD and DMG: you want to have more DMG procs for the raw output instead of relying on popping criticals for DPS.

Feedback pulse (and grav well for that matter) also took a huge hit in the nerfs, so I'd replace it with Tyken's Rift (since it's now superior to other anomalies and gets boosts from drainx) and have hazard emitters in there too for the cleansing it does.

Lock trajectory may be fun to use, but it is best utilized for allowing cannons, dual beams, and torpedoes to stay on their targets while passing out of arc. There's other pilot abilities that are better, since it also requires the doffs for its boost to be meaningful. I'd replace one or both of them with one of the other powers in my pervious statement, or transfer shield strength and science team... you could also do like I did and use Reinforcements Squadron since its like an extra hangar squad that does the kollevold maneuver.

It's still not on the build page (Attilio... Picard Facepalm ), but for your heavy weapon slot get the one in the competitive reputation project instead of the default "lightning bolt" (ugh, silly D&D LARPers LOL)

Kemocite 1 is better than any other kemocite because the others take away from attack pattern boosts and special attacks.

Oh and get all that stuff to EPIC! it only will give you half of what it really can do at purple... and it won't break past 30k if you don't. Believe me, I've said enough explicatives over it. lol
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Okay so due to new research and what you've told me I've HEAVILY modified the build and I hope it's doing better than 30K DPS.

I due want to know if the Deflector, Impulse, Warp Core, and Shields are a good combo.

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