STOA Fleet PVP event limited to Mirror Universe ships
This sounds good,

I have a couple of mirror ships that would fit in! Of course, I would love to get the Mirror Temporal Destroyer, but one can dream!! Big Grin
I got a Mirror Raptor the other day, but since it's got the same bridge slots as my destroyer, I really can't justify using it... Looks like it'll be for the exchange.

Mirror ships often have a touch more hull and base shields - I found that the mirror version of the USS ships are a little bit of an upgrade. Of course, the styling is different (it's a mirror, after all) so that the Mirror recon science looks like the USS deepspace science ship, but has the slots etc of the recon.

I always fly the mirror recon science, so I'd be up for this
I only have one Mirror Universe ship, the Deep Space Science Vessel. I broke down and spent some of my Zen on ten Lock Box Keys. I got the ship in the first box I opened. Of course it's only a tier four, but I have a Silver toon who needed a better ship than the tier four she was flying. As far as I can see, the Mirror Deep Space Science Vessel is as good as any of the tier four ships in the C-Store, so I'm happy with it.

Look for [email protected] tooling around in the U.S.S. Wisconsin (unless I rename it) and keep her in mind for any Mirror Vessel events you may schedule.
I think we should be waiting until they bring out the next lock box, which will most likely provide Mirror Escorts (Patrol and Advanced), then we can have a more rounded mirror fleet! Smile
Any chance of a re-run of this event? I like it a lot, and now I have a Mirror Ship to compete with...

I would be coming with my Mobius Smile
Mirror Vorcha AND Mirror Qovvie on Montara (for when she get's to 50) and the same on MonT - but as a Tac she doesn't get on well with them, or as well as she gets on with her other ships
I think theres a good chance this could be put up again seeing as the variety is now conjusive to all play styles
DUDE!!!!! 5EC, SCORE!!!! Smile

I actually made a mistake yesterday... wanted to post something for 5 mil and forgot to add the extra 0, so it posted for 500,000... sold almost as fast as I posted it, so someone made some chedder off my mistake Smile

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