Seth MacFarlane's new Star Trek Spoof : The Orville
When Star Trek Discovery is going to make it to the airwaves is anyone’s guess. Until then, though, we’ve got what looks like the next best thing: Seth MacFarlane’s spoof of the franchise, The Orville.

Fox just released the first trailer for the show, which stars MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki as a divorced couple who are basically Kirk and Spock on a brand new spaceship with a suitably crazy crew.
Yeah I saw that earlier lol

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A lot of the design elements seem to come from and mesh with Galaxy Quest... just look at those ships in the trailer.

Orville will outlive Discovery.
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(08-18-2017, 03:32 PM)roughrider1988 Wrote:

The Orville IS GQ:TNG
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(08-19-2017, 03:30 AM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: The Orville IS GQ:TNG

Then it might be worth a look.

Looks kind of fun.
Now that it's actually airing I really like it so far. Not to "over the top" like most of Seth's projects. A job well done so far.
just imagine if it was an animated series... would we get cameos of characters from his other works?
I would worry though that his following expecting Family Guy in Space (space space) might not find it funny enough to stick around. But on the other hand, it may end up more dramatic with the occasional humor thrown in (ala how Stargate joked about the Wizard of Oz)

Overall, I like it, too bad Hurricane Irma made me miss the live premiere.
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I am enjoying it.  It seems  more enjoyable then alot of the sci fi stuff that is out now.  More lighter then the more darker/violent stuff that is out there.  

I hope it lasts for a while.  I think they are going for the TOS type of stuff with the episodes.

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