My skill planner for the tac oddy.
Hi all, I have a few respec tokens and have been playing about with skill points in the STOA planner. I would appreciate if someone could take a look and comment. I want a mixture of strength and dps so have tried to strive for the best balance.

I have not put this through on the game yet.

<!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... lOddy_2160</a><!-- m -Arrow

I used this site in order to get details of each skill - <!-- m -Arrow<a class="postlink" href=""> ... ffects.htm</a><!-- m -Arrow

Feel free to suggest changes and I would also appreciate if you can say why you suggest the change so I can learn for myself. Thanks all as always.
Looks good so far, BUT in my humble opinion you should put the Driver Coil to 9. Otherwise you'll crawl through Sector space and waste the benefit of your advanced Quantum Slipstream Drive when you reach Lvl 50.

Although I am a Tactician, I only use the natural Attack Pattern Alpha. So maybe you spare a few points there to compensate for the Driver Coil.

However, these are only my 2 cents. I'm sure the Veterans will optimize my advice. Wink
Thanks, have used a few advice guides etc and have completed it now. I am using an escort at the moment now so had to have something that was ok with both oddy and escort. Lets hope it works, if not still have respec tokens to use.
Im very interested in seeing to most popular builds in the fleet. Every last detail boffs doffs and anything else would be great. I may be blind and not seeing something right in front of my nose but is there a place to see the builds of the most experience players in the fleet on this site??? my eyes are bad so i hope this is not too troublesome...

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