Commendation Changes
I apologize for the long post, but I want to detail our plan for replacing the "Fleet Holding Commendations".

As you should know by now, the "Fleet Holding Commendations" are being retired due to the shutdown of the Gateway. Those commendations were tracked up the very last possible moment on April 13. From that date forward, they are no longer tracked.

After much discussion with the Admiralty and hearing feedback from members during the last monthly fleet meeting, I think we've come up with a solution to replace these commendation that works well and covers multiple scenarios. These new commendations will be grouped under "Fleet Development Commendations".

Contribution Tracking
Originally all of your contributions were tracked and combined together through the Gateway. This was easy because we could quickly extract the data from each holding's leaderboard. This is no longer possible.

In order to track your contributions we have to use the fleet roster which contains the Fleet Credits that your characters have earned by contributing to the fleet they are currently in. Example, Character A is in Omega and has earned 100,000 Fleet Credits. This is displayed in the roster. This character moves to Militia and the roster now shows 0 Fleet Credits since that character never contributed to that fleet. Moving back to Omega will show the 100,000 Fleet Credits earned in that fleet.

Please note that the requirements for these commendations will be lower than the current ones to account for how they are being tracked.

Commendation Details
For starters, we will have three Federation and three KDF commendations. These will compare all of your characters and find the one with the highest number of Fleet Credits. Unfortunately we can only track this per fleet. Therefore we're creating a series for Fed and KDF, that means you can earn a total of six commendations. Three on the Fed side and three on the KDF side.

Next we'll have a single commendation for both factions. This will be the more difficult one to earn, similar to the current STO Academy Dilithium Citation of Enrichment. It will be tracked in a similar way with the only difference being that it's shared between both factions.

We also plan on having two additional commendations which would track the combined Fleet Credits across all of your characters. This is similar to how the current ones work, except it won't be able to track any characters that have left the fleet or been deleted. The leaderboard through the Gateway allowed us to do this. The reason for this commendation is to make your alts more useful for contributions especially when we need help completing projects in other fleets.

Finally, we plan on using your Lifetime Fleet Credits found under the progress tab in the character window for a final single commendation. This would have to be provided through a screenshot.

Release of new Commendations
We plan on rolling out these commendations slowly. In total there are 10 commendations and we want to make sure everything works correctly. We're breaking it down into phases starting with the six commendations I mentioned earlier and then working our way down that list.

Your turn
If there are any questions, concerns, comments, or needed clarification please go ahead and reply to this thread.
That's a bit more detailed than it has been in the Fleet meeting and frankly it confuses the hell outta me as it contradicts a lot I remember about the Admiralty:
  1. the Admiralty's attitude towards "keeping it simple"
  2. the Admiralty's continued statements in the past that "we already have enough commendations"
No offence, but reading all the descriptions and remembering the points mentioned above, this seems to be too complicated to an unnecessary, if not even ridiculous degree.

(05-01-2017, 04:24 PM)Attilio Wrote: We also plan on having two additional commendations which would track the combined Fleet Credits across all of your characters.

We have that already in place with the current ones (covering all characters across all factions). The only difference now is how it is to be summed up after the shutdown of the Gateway. Please keep it simple. Please keep the ones existing, just lower the criteria accordingly. Otherwise, all future claims of "we already have enough commendations" would practically become null and void.
Unfortunately we can't keep the current ones and lower their requirements for two reasons. First, it invalidates the hard work of the people who earned them. Second, changing fleets, deleting characters, and/or moving them to other fleets would affect the sum of combined Fleet Credits.

This in no way makes our stance on having enough commendations null and void. This is a very rare situation that we're trying to make the best of. It's not by choice, it's forced on us by circumstance. Our approach, even though it adds more commendations, is done to cover various scenarios and give our members options. I could understand if you said we randomly decided to change this and add 5 additional commendations, but we aren't.

It sounds complex because there are no numbers involved, but it's definitely not complicated and it gets tracked automatically. If we said "keep it simple" then it was in reference to not having to do manual labor, either us or fleet members. Uploading the roster and letting a script do the rest is simple. Going through 48 fleet holdings to look at the leadeboard manually is not.


1. A set of commendations for Fed and KDF that are tracked exactly the same, using the highest FCs out of all characters within each faction. This is what we discussed in the meeting with the difference being that we split it per faction. Why? So that members don't feel their Fed or KDF character is useless.

Example: Earn 100,000 Fleet Credits with one character in one STOA Fed Fleet.


2. A single commendation that takes the place of the Dilithium one. Tracked exactly like the ones I just mentioned but used for both factions.

Example: Earn 1,000,000 Fleet Credits with one character in any STOA Fleet.


3. Two commendations that combine all FCs for current characters within the fleet. While this will have the issues I mentioned earlier about summing the totals, it won't be a major impact sine there are other commendations. This exists so alts get some recognition and use.

Example: Earn 2,000,000 Fleet Credits combined between all characters in any STOA Fleet.


4. A single commendation to acknowledge someone's hard work not just in the fleet but in the game. This tracks contributions across every fleet. Think of it as the uber dilithium commendation.

Example: Earn 50,000,000 Lifetime Fleet Credits.


Please note, those example numbers are not accurate as we don't have definitive numbers yet. The only thing to keep in mind, and this will be noted on the site, is that changing fleets will affect your numbers; however we'll keep each character's highest FCs stored in the database.

Alright. Thanks for taking the time to explain it in even further detail.

Don't get me wrong. I love commendations. I mean, I'm a commendation addict (Exhibit A: My Ribbon Bar). I guess, I just saw the amount of commendations and was like "WTH is happening here?" for a moment.

So, I've taken a step back and I think, I am starting to see the bigger picture here.

No. 1) I can totally get, that you don't want people to feel their Fed or KDF Toons are useless. Neither would I. However, can't this be accomplished by slightly altering No. 2? Or is this meant to be like replacing Bronze, Silver and Gold, while No. 2 sort of reflects the Platinum equivalent?

No. 2) If I understood this one correctly, then it is meant the award the highest FC on one of my characters across all 8 STOA fleets, right? How about striking No. 1 off the list and altering this one to add the highest Fed and the highest KDF FCs into one value, which is then awarded? Imho, this would still recognize the highest Fed / KDF accomplishments, when it comes to Fleet credits. I can't see people feeling their other toons useless then.

No. 3) No comment, this one I fully support. Smile

No. 4) Is this for one Toon only or multiple combined? Do they need to be enlisted in a STOA fleet or is it sufficient for them to belong to an account, that is enlisted in STOA?

  1. Correct, it's supposed to replace Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. Instead of having five tiers we've reduced it to three, with that fourth common one.
  2. Correct, and I was thinking the same thing. Frankly that might happen. I'm still looking at the numbers, seeing how much people contribute. Once I feel confident with the numbers then we can go either direction. Either a combined Fed/KDF total or a single character's max. I think either way works.
  3. Cool
  4. Very good question. We were thinking one toon. Just take a screenshot of one toon's lifetime FCs and submit. As for which toon, we'll have to discuss some more. Theoretically this would be your main toon since that's the one with the most lifetime FCs.

For the new contribution commendations, what will happen to people who have already progressed past them?

For example, I currently have 968k contributed across multiple characters in the Fed and KDF fleets (including jumping between fleets), and had contributed the remaining 32k to earn the Bronze Citation two days ago. Unfortunately as I have now missed the citation by a day or two, will I now have to start contributing again to earn the new ones? Or will my historic contributions count?

It's got to be said, it's intensely frustrating knowing that I met the criteria for the commendation a mere day before it was removed, meaning I will never get it despite all the work I put in.
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Well those commendations were retired over a month ago when tracking no longer became possible due to the removal of Gateway. So take some comfort in the fact that you didn't miss it by a day.

As for the upcoming commendations, if you meet the requirements you will earn them. You're not starting from 0. Whatever is listed for your characters in the roster is what we'll be tracking.

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(05-22-2017, 09:02 PM)Attilio Wrote: Well those commendations were retired over a month ago when tracking no longer became possible due to the removal of Gateway. So take some comfort in the fact that you didn't miss it by a day.

As for the upcoming commendations, if you meet the requirements you will earn them. You're not starting from 0. Whatever is listed for your characters in the roster is what we'll be tracking.

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Well as far as I could see, the website was only updated to say they were retired yesterday... 

And how will existing contributions work in terms of the Armada?

For example, my main toon has only contributed about 400k into Academy, but has also put large amounts into Militia, Omega and Infinity. Without swapping my main between them, will it be possible for admiralty to confirm my contributions across all fleets within the Armada?
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I didn't update it until yesterday, but we made the fleet aware of this a long time ago through our monthly meetings, weekly messages, and this thread.

Please read my two posts above because they answer your questions and provide a great amount of detail.


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