Fortitude Character Development
After reading the bios of the Fortitude's senior staff, I'm inspired to work on the bio of my own Federation officer. I'll post it here for feed back, and he won't be anywhere near as accomplished.
Here is what I have so far, be gentle.

Crayz BAC

Rank: Ensign
Post: ?
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Terran?)
Birth Place: Unknown

Brief History
Found aboard a shuttle drifting in Vulcan space with only one other survivor. This survivor died from his injuries shortly after revealing he and the crew were Terrans. The young Crayz was handed over to the Federation and sent to earth to be with other humans, because the logic was how could a toddler be a threat? After enduring years of scrutiny from those around him, he was allowed to join Starfleet academy when he came of age. This was possible because of his aptitude for tactical subjects and the need for talented officers during war time.

Assignment History
Cadet, Starfleet Academy XXXX-XXXX

Medals and Awards

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