Wargames PvEvP Event 4/2017
Wargames / PvP Event

Alright! Season 13 brings the Wargames Scenarios. I'd say let us test them on normal difficulty just to get a feel for them.

Core Event Data:
  • Event starts April 30, 2017 @ 1800 hours UTC (What's that in my Time?) and will require about 2 hours of your time.
  • There is a social gathering at the start of the Event start.  Let's take some commemorative screenshots first, so we will remember this. Meeting place is in the Weapons Locker Room of Dyson Joint Command.
  • All characters of at least Level 50 are eligible to participate.
  • NOTE: The use of Discord is highly recommended. You don't need a microphone, though. The ability to listen in on strategy talks and given orders will suffice. If you are not yet set up for Discord yet, then you can find instructions here.

Planned Maps for the Event (Click to View)
I am looking forward to see you at the Event. LLAP, Qapla' and Jolan Tru!

P'Triq Marqus
Commodore, STO Academy Armada

This Event post was created with TP's STOA Event Creator v1.06 utilising MS Excel 2013 and VBA."Yes, I got bored. Yes, sometimes I'm lazy. Deal with it! xD - TP 2017"
Cancelled due to lack of interest / unpreparedness. xD

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