Admiralty Notification Board?
Hello there,

in reference to yesterday's Fleet meeting regarding the loss of the Gateway, I was wondering this morning how we could support the Admiralty. I have the following idea:

Let's say I notice, that a new Fleet Boost project can be queued for the Militia or the Brotherhood's Dilithium Mine needs new Trade projects or even the next upgrade project, it would be nice if we could inform the Admiralty in an easy way.
If an Interface could be created on the Armada website (let's call it Admiralty Notification Board), the notifications made could then be listed on the Admirals-only section of the Armada website, just like pending approvals for proof screenshots, pending fleet invites, etc.

I think that would be a nice feature to help the Admiralty and take at least a little of the workload off their shoulders.
Frankly, I don't have the time to implement something like this right now. The best option is to send a message to someone in the Admiralty as we've been doing.

I certainly can understand that coding such a thing is time consuming. So instead of coding an interface from scratch, there may be an alternative.

I found sort of a plugin here, that allows to pm multiple recipients by using an url.

Currently when you send a PM, it's basically like this:

That plug-in would change that into:

In short: Placing a button on the Armada website and let it link to a pre-determined url like mentioned above, well that should pretty much do the job.

It feels less time consuming to implent then coding from scratch, but then I'm a Noob when it comes to coding.
Anyway, I figure that this way, the right persons in the Admiralty can be reached for sure.
lol thanks. You know what's easier? Messaging us in game. Most of us are on at least once a day, if not more. Whoever you message will see it. If you notice for a few days nothing happened you could always create a thread on the forum. Someone will definitely see that.


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