Upcoming DPS channel changes - Season 13
The DPS Channel folks posted this on Reddit:


Quote:April 25 is the big day that will see the end of the current Threat Meta as well as the demise of several key build elements that have been instrumental in getting us the DPS numbers we have been getting for the past year. The fact is, these changes are so massive we still don't fully know the scope of impact to the DPS community as yet.
At the top end of the table, wizards who have been able to close to 300-500k DPS in the past are achieving 150k-200k after a dozen or so runs on Tribble. Truth be told, it is really anybody’s guess where the dust will settle for each individual player.
So… what are we going to do with the channels after the patch, I hear you ask?
Simple. As soon as possible after the patch the 50k, 75k, 100k & PRIME channels will have all members removed and not long after that the Season 13 DPS table will open and start recording your parses. No changes will happen to Public, 10k or 30k which bring me to an important point. For members, specifically in 30k who find themselves not being able to achieve that in Season 13, you won't be removed or anything like that but please communicate what your DPS has been since the changes if joining an ISA called in 30k.
There will also be a small change to the channel structure. Below is what will be happening for each of the current channels.
  • DPS-Public Open Access Channel - NO CHANGE

  • DPS-10,000 NO CHANGE

  • DPS-30.000 NO CHANGE




Finally, a quick word on the requirements for PRIME. Obviously entry DPS requirements will change for both ISA and DPSMark. We can't start testing DPSMark until the changes are live on Holodeck and the ISA number will be finalized shortly.
So that's it! We welcome any of your feedback directly to us on the DPS Discord - https://discord.gg/f3U4Seq - We have also posted it on http://dps.shivtr.com If this website was a human, it would be an old man in his 50s, so not quite @porchsong's age. We do apologize for it and are keen to replace it at some point soon.

IF YOU NEED INVITES BACK TO 30K or 10K before the reset of the higher channels contact @snipey47a. He has graciously agreed to handle those as they come in. Please DO NOT send Snipey an in-game mail instead post your request here: https://discord.gg/QJQrpb5 which is the invite-request text channel on the DPS discord. MOST IMPORTANTLY, please start each request with @Snipey (which should end up with a # and some numbers after you click it) and request which channel you need to be invited back to.
The DPS Channel Group of Admins & Moderators @porchsong, @john99837, @Alfiedono, @sarcasmdetector, @spencerb96 & @Snipey47a

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