Lockbox Limericks
Come post a Limerick and maybe win a temporal time ship or some other goodies...

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Love this idea Big Grin

gonna make me laugh for awhile Big Grin
There's this guy from a city state,
whose luck was always his weakness,
yet he tries 110 boxes with his pockets,
but out came lots of trashes,
with the time ship eluding him almighty.

Don't think too badly of it.. rofl.... Don't think it represents the humorous version of limerick Tongue
My first attempt at this. so yeah..
I need this little box,
Like a man need fresh socks'
Though none seem to be coming my way.
But if I keep a tryin,
And steady key buyin,
I might win that timeship some day.
i think 2 more days until i give the time ship box away... love the limericks people, thank you!!!
It has just occurred to me that there are often PEOPLE trapped in those lockboxes! A whole gaggle of Doffs just waiting to get out. It's actually rather cruel the way I keep them stacked in my bank, when I think about it...............

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