Dragon Age
I've been playing a lot of other games since I stopped playing STO, mostly Skyrim, Dragon Age: Origins and World of Warships, and I was wondering how many Dragon Age fans we have here.

Origins is by far my favorite, 2 isn't bad but the rush EA put on Bioware shows and I was so board with Inquisition I haven't bothered to get my copy back from the friend that has it now that I've replaced my 360 and can play it.  I was reading through the lore of the franchise over the weekend, mostly about the old gods and the connection between the Architect in Awakening and the tainted old god that is the Archdemon in Origins and I was just amazed at how deep the lore is and how everything is interconnected.

For the longest time I've said KOTOR and ME are my favorite Bioware games but after learning more about the lore of DA I'm not sure that's true anymore.
KOTOR, ME and DA are certainly some of the best RPGs I played so far. Bioware is pretty good at this.
I even liked the end of ME3. I always felt the end makes sense, and that most critics only hate it because they
don't understand it, or just because they jumped on the hate-wagon. 

Currently I only go online in STO to get my daily dil, and to setup Doff+Admiralty missions, as I spend the majority of my free time in the Andromeda Galaxy.
Despite the bad reviews and some of the obvious flaws the ME Andromeda might have I'm having lots of fun with the game.  Bugs happen, I can usually live with those (some are hilarious), and this game is no different then others. Patches will take care of those soon. But I am very disappointed with their Asari models: with the exception of your Crew mate Phee bee, all Asari so far look exactly the same. As if they cloned the same person over and over. That just screams laziness, which is unacceptable for a major Bioware title. 

Skyrim and Fallout 4 also have been some games I enjoyed. But they are sometimes a little too open world for me.
I.e. I restarted Skyrim 4 or 5 times over the course of years until I finally made the effort to play the main story to the end.
I love a lot of Bioware's games but EA has screwed up too many of the franchises I love for me to give Andromeda a chance.  The rush job on DA2, all the problems with ME3, there's more wrong with it than the ending, TOR instead of KOTOR 3, the Simcity mess and the end of C&C are just too much, I refuse to support a publisher that buys studios for existing IPs and then fucks with the IPs.  I'm not going around review bombing it like the idiots on Metacritic but I won't be playing it.
Don't get me wrong, there is a lot wrong with ME Andromeda. But that has more to do with some missed opportunities and logical things than the game play. I.e. why do I have to go to certain terminals (aka Desktop computers) on the ship or the Space Station to read a simple email, despite having an omni tool on the arm and an AI in my head? An AI that is connected to basically every system anyway? Speaking of the AI, which is vastly more intelligent than you, how can it fail at a simple Sudoku puzzle? Why do we fly 600 years to another galaxy only to start with the same crap like getting paid in credits? Speaking of being paid, the player character is probably the single most important person for human kind in the new galaxy, why does he/she not get everything needed for free? Why is the ME Andromeda app on my phone limited to sending strike teams on missions? I understand that the Offroader you get to drive on planets doesn't come with weapons out of the box, but why isn't there an option to upgrade it with some after starting a war with another race? Seems I am stuck with running those enemies over... 

That list can go on, but I think you get the point: The devs obviously are set in their old school ways, and never sat down with specialists/scientists who could advise them on the problems that might go hand in hand with creating a new society. This is especially bad, because lots of these controversial problems already existed in the original trilogy, and they still decided to keep them. 

Despite all of these shortcomings, I still enjoy playing it.

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