Upcoming Space Balance - Details
Arc/Cryptic just gave us the details of the upcoming Space Balance changes:


Tribble ISA at the Top-of-the-Hour : Why you should join the test server : How to join : What to expect on Tribble

Tribble Patch Notes 3/15
Tribble Patch Notes 3/17
Tribble Patch Notes 3/21
Tribble Patch Notes 3/23
Tribble Patch Notes 3/30
Tribble Patch Notes 4/6
Tribble Patch Notes 4/13

AMA / Question and Answer with CryptcSpartan from the design team:

Details on the FAW changes:
Full Details of the Space Revamp has been posted as Tribble Patch Notes.
The List is EXTENSIVE, and seems to affect every single Boff ability, as well as many Skills, incl. all Ultimates.
Figuring out the new meta is going to be a long journey.

Not in the patch notes: it seems Plasmonic Leech has some changes as well, granting significantly less power to self than it drains from a target. A player posted a screen shot on the STO forum.


Changes have been posted now:

[–]CrypticSpartanSystems Designer 11 points 3 hours ago 
Here is the change notes that should have been listed:
Plasmonic Leech:
  • The self-buff from this power has had its amount reduced and no longer scales
  • The drain inflicted on the target has been decreased
  • Resolved an issue that caused targets to excessively resist the drain
  • Updated description to be more accurate.
The targeted drain should be as effective before the patch as it was before due to the odd nature of how it was being resisted. The self-buff is very noticeably down and intentional.
Also, you are incorrect about part of your statement. The Plasmonic Leech's cap is 8 on Holodeck ans has been for quite some time.

So it looks like the Leech Power Bonus to self does not scale with Leech anymore, and now is a flat 0.75 power per weapon.
I haven't seen any changes to Supremacy yet, but I assume that will see a change, too.
First reaction from SOB/Startrekker (the guy who did 400 rounds in the Arena event):

  • Plasma Embassy Consoles just got nuked from orbit, then renuked. Like, I've lost >95% of my Plasma Explosion DPS in some test runs so far.

  • Science Ultimate took a bit of a hit.

  • FAW hit will be like a ~20% Dmg hit (we think)

  • Temporal Operative Spec just became obsolete for most of us.

  • FAW no longer procs things too much.

  • Fleet Combat Buff got hit (not a fan of that personally)

  • Captain abilities have global CD's equal to half of their base CD.

  • Alpha got hit

  • No more easy GDF, but GDF @ 0% = 150% Dmg buff, vis the current ~108%.

  • Tac Ultimate will now be the go to for most people, as Sci Ult not having 30s duration pushes Tac Ult ahead.

  • FBP is over crying in the corner.

  • Beam Overload is good, not sure how good.

  • RIP attrition warfare

  • Leech currently gives like 1/3rd the power it used to.
Most people will lose upwards of 50% of their current DPS if on a meta build basically.
Will we still be over 100k? Yes, but builds are going to be quite a bit different.
More thoughts from reddit:

Wow this is a huge amount of change. Honestly, it simplifies the weapon power calculations. Plasma consoles are now in the realm of useless, leech is now in the realm of useless. Theorycrafting a new meta:
Coalitions are out since they got a cap. AP is back on top, although the hit to CrtH in the skill tree and buff to CrtD might change that initial thought.
Iconian drivetrain still wins, but it does lose some punch with Hot Restart nerf.
No device changes.
Leech is out, plasma consoles aren't a must-slot since they get about a 1/16th to 1/20th of the effectiveness they once had. DrainX has no place in a meta DPS build, only a drain build. The K13 consoles might jump into engineering and UNIs in science, but realistically, there's nothing to replace them with AFAIK.
FBP still rules for tanks, but the cap reduces effectiveness. The beam abilities are approaching the thresholds for balance between BO and BFAW, so further testing needed. AW was powerful but teetered on the edge of useless before, so I expect the levels it is nerfed make it useless. I use strategist for the threat up (since this game lacks decent threat mechanics) but AW builds are no more, so Aux2Batt is back. OSS became a painful choice, but I think most builds could be ok with it. 5s does seem excessive for locked subsystem offline, but that would give a few points to the Terran build I keep in reserve.
Obviously, more can be said. Bottom line is I don't see any changes that surprise me or scream unbalanced. Some metas may just revert to older metas.
Wow. I gotta copy my main to Tribble immediately before I decide on some consoles to upgrade this weekend.

EDIT: Just read the Tribble Patch notes and can't decide whether I should just be pissed or if I should go on a rampage. Most console have become plain useless. I'm eager to see how the community comes up with solutions.
(03-16-2017, 07:21 AM)TacPaddy Wrote: Wow. I gotta copy my main to Tribble immediately before I decide on some consoles to upgrade this weekend.

EDIT: Just read the Tribble Patch notes and can't decide whether I should just be pissed or if I should go on a rampage. Most console have become plain useless. I'm eager to see how the community comes up with solutions.

Not sure about most consoles, but sure enough in the current state those must-have embassy consoles have become totally obsolete, which will have a bad effect on the current threat mechanics. And I just had bought 4 new embassy consoles with EPG mods, so that I can upgrade them this Upgrade Weekend. That's certainly not going to happen anymore.
Other Sci consoles now only buff EPG damage, and not weapon damage anymore.
This means there is little reason anymore to have any Sci consoles on Energy Weapon builds, so anybody who invested in ships like the Sci-Oddy or the Flambard is not going to be happy about it. Tac consoles are king again.

The Leech has also seen a very strong nerf as it is limited at 6 power to subsystem, without any chance of additional scaling. 
Any DrainX on Energy Boats is now completely useless, and while it still provides some utility, the Leech is not mandatory anymore. The hit in power management is pretty significant. At just 100 Drain Expertise you currently get +16 power per subsystem. The nerf limits that now to 6. You can spend those points now on Energy Management skills to make up for some of the losses. I expect that non-engineers will now have a very hard time to reach max power across the board.

Speaking of skills, Control Amplification now only affects Exotic Damage, using it's utility for any Weapon. 
With the loss of utility to Control Amp and Drain Expertise, and the need to skill into Warp Core Potential/Efficiency and Subsystem Tuning, I don't see any reason to skill for the Sci Ult now. Tac Ult builds will be the go-to, especially if the Accuracy debuff on FAW proves to be significant. 

The current Meta has been shaken up hard, much harder than was expected. 
Some of it was warranted, but i.e. nuking the embassy consoles out of existence was overkill.

I will miss tanking with my Tac.

EDIT: Also bad are the changes to the Temporal Operative Spec and abilities: Intel might be the best option again, and Temporal seating lost 
some of it's appeal. OSS got hit, but still viable. Attrition warfare as CDR is obsolete, so back to the days of double abilities or even Aux2Bat.
Reciprocity might be an option for tanks.
Okay, from what I currently read the AW2 nerf isn't as hard as first perceived. There are ways to compensate that.
AW2 now is 20% CDR every 30s. The 30s is the worst part, as it now is not in line with the 20s Global CD of FAW/BO.

Here the FAW changes:
Fire at Will I: 20% Damage Reduction, 50% Accuracy Reduction
Fire at Will II: 15% Damage Reduction, 40% Accuracy Reduction
Fire at Will III: 10% Damage Reduction, 30% Accuracy Reduction

A very very good change is that Faction-locked traits will be a thing of the past:
Improved Polarize Hull
Specialist Knowledge
Improved Weaponized Emitters
Ablative Field Projector
Radiant Nanite Cloud
Insult to Injury
Shield Overload
Numerical Superiority
Battle Ready
Designated Target
Desperate Repairs
Emitter Synergy
Advanced Firing Solutions

All of these will now be available to your toons of other Factions once you have unlocked them.
I'm especially excited to get my hands on Numerical Superiority, even though I might not have the space for it anymore.
Reciprocity might be needed to get FAW back to global.
Another thought: 
With the Plamonic Leech being limited to 6 power per subsystem, the  M.A.C.O. Resilient Shield Array
might become interesting again: it can give up to +10 power per subsystem. 
Leech and MACO shield to not stack.
Ouch! (facepalming over the plasmonic leech!......ok, so they decide this 3 weeks after I finally get one? Devs are trying their best to make a Vulcan cry, huh?)

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