Suggestion regarding the Fortitude Ship Logs

first of all, I love the Fortitude website. Great work. I love the Ship logs in particular and that's why I have a suggestion. So far, there has been log entries by the Fleet Admiral, the Admiral, the Chief Engineer and the CMO. I have a feeling that the other members of the Fortitude's Senior Staff will add their entries too. So, the Ship logs will be filled quite a bit in the future.

Would it be possible to add options to the Ship logs in order to
  • sort them chronologically (first to last, last to first)?
  • sort them by all entries or per Staff member?

This may seem unnecessary right now, but considering the plans for the Flagship this idea may be worth a shot in the long run.
Those aren't bad suggestions at all, and thanks for the feedback!

We're slowly but surely adding more logs as time permits and they will of course show all the senior officers especially as their own stories start to flesh out. We'll also be expanding on the other senior officer's service records so keep an eye out for those if you're interested!
  • The logs are currently listed as the most recent log first, but im sure when we flesh out the stardates (which is made only more difficult by Cryptic's stardates not making any imaginable sense) then this will come to the fore.
  • I really like this idea - of course this is something we will look at and will probably more than likely happen later down the line when there are more logs.

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