Return of the Phoenix Prize Pack!!!
(12-28-2017, 04:41 AM)Akimalyn2380 Wrote: the math also correlates that the nix box (as i call them) is a more affordable way to improve an item's quality than wasting so much time harvesting and converting omega particles...

This time it seems they brought back the box for Christmas since the black friday deals weren't as great as last year... ended up missing it but i did get some data from the last event in the late summer after risa.
SOB did a youtube about how to increase the chances of getting good lockbox drops and apparently the nix box DOES work on the same system. Took those suggestions and tried it out: middle of the night in a sector away from the populated ones on the bridge of a paid ship (in my case the nx refit) ... had 216 boxes to open and within 112 boxes got my first ultra rare token :-) 

Two more tips i can pass on is to WAIT to open any boxes until a few weeks after the event ends when all the other impatient players blow through their chances (possibly increasing the callback quality rate)... you should also try to keep a consistent pace on the rate of clicking to open the boxes since the chance changes every half second... just like playing a drum roll.

It'll probably take me till next Christmas to get enough dill for 500 more boxes with the frequency that i play nowadays to get more solid confirmation of data... but anyways here's that video: jump to 5:33 for the time and location info/demo

good stuff to know......thanks


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