Return of the Phoenix Prize Pack!!!
Holy cow, just announced, and starts today:

I was hoping that it will return, but who expected it will come back so soon... I need more dil.
If you plan to buy Dil with Zen, do it now, as the prices will change fast (dil per Zen will go down!).

I compared it with the last event, and I can't find any differences. 
All prices are the same. Meaning I will end up with tons of upgrades for this months Upgrade Weekend.

As with the last time:
- All prize tokens can be shared with your other toons, or stored and used later for other/newer toons (the prize pack vendor
stays available after the event ended)
- All higher rarity tokens can be exchanged into 2 lower rarity tokens, i.e. 1 Rare = 2 uncommon.
- Each uncommon token  can be exchanged into Phoenix upgrades, which cost no Dil, and give 51200 TP (double on upgrade WE)

Ignoring Epic and UR prizes, here a list of must haves (in my opinion at least):

Very Rare: Red Matter CapacitorZefram Cochrane Shotgun (Borgs hate this). Crystalline Energy Torpedo Launcher
Rare: Console – Universal – Crystalline Absorption Matrix, V.S.S. Tanius – Admiralty Ship

While the V.S.S. Tanius – Admiralty Ship is also available (one of the best), I recommend not to get it, as it is the prize in the upcoming Breach Event. Only get it if you are certain you can't get it during that event.

I was wrong about that. The prize changed, so I added the card to the must have list. Apparently I read an old post about the breach.
Thanks to Akimalyn for correcting me on that.

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