The Arena of Sompek - STO ground horde mode this weekend only
Tried it out earlier (We made it to level 23- kind of hard to do with five random teammates( kind of hoping to try it out with members from our Fleet)

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Achieved my personal goal of 8 commendations for the month of November to commemorate being a member of STOA Infinity for 6 months!!! Â (yesssssssssss!!!) Live Long and ProsperÂ
There was a live feed where they made it to round 116, but rewards stopped at round 100.
Video is off again, unfortunately:

Update: another Video upload, same group, different player, just at the end:
some rewarded titles:

Well Trained
Promising Fighter
Seasoned Combatant
Wily Competitor
Daring Battler
Brave Attacker
Strong Warrior
The Untiring
The Fearless
The Worthy
I've seen the highest post on reddit so far at wave 152. We made it to 32 earlier in a fleet run, knowing what we're getting into now we can probably do better.

We also had a fleet group, and reached round 26, but basically only were 4 players, because one of us experienced severe bugs which made it unplayable for him. We also didn't coordinate on Discord, I think that would have made a big difference. I also expect to get farther with more planning and coordination this weekend.
today at 3 is the monthly meeting, let's get some teams going afterwards...
[Image: akimalyn2380_13732.jpg?d=1486457680]
Hmm I might miss it or most of it so everyone have fun. Have a family picnic  to go to.   I will try to be here tonight.

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